Three front runners and two or three middies come at us...There is a solid line up in the defending third of the field. We read the attack and we calculate their movement on and off the ball. Waiting...waiting until we know! Ball is collected and cleared out of harms way. That is a PLUS 1 game when you are on a soccer field. The offense is supposed to score or at least have a great scoring opportunity. The defenders are outnumbered and pretty much on our heals waiting for the mistake and we will push forward and lead the attack! Hard for the defenders to score points but a game is created by the coaching staff and the challenge is on! ONE of my favorites as a college goalkeeper!

This week I have had a few opportunities to play PLUS 1 again. Not on the field but out in the "Real World". This is unreal! How are my worlds all colliding in these insane ways?

There are so many ways that I have been building a team of my own with this new adventure. Building a plan from the foundation, moving forward and upward. I need to keep adding a PLUS 1... Figuring out how to build a business of finding clients when I FINALLY get licensed and selling/finding homes. It is going to be a game of PLUS 1.

How can the people I know help me build my foundation? Hmmmnnn, that has to be the way I am going to build my attack and defense. It is going to be how I score goals and how I defend the HOUSE!!!! Soccer language for a "goal frame" for those who are not in that part of my world...My foundation is going to have to build strength and stability...then we are going to start to plot the attack as soon as I am licensed...My people-my foundation...they may not be ready to move or directly need an agent. But, they may know 1 family or person that NEEDS me...Just one...PLUS 1!!!

We spoke/listened all day today about figuring out how one person can be a HUGE factor in this real estate business. A PLUS 1. Goal scored!!!!

It is too much to ask all the people I know to think about me when someone/anyone they know that wants to move to/from the Raleigh area. But, if each ONE could just help me with PLUS 1...Just ONE. That one referall from my people-my foundation-will help me build my NEW CAREER...MY TEAM...I WOULD WIN PLUS 1!!!