Systems and Self Accountability

I'm reminded everyday of how lucky I am to be a part of the Go Reality Show. The last couple of weeks have been so helpful. I am a huge fan of the Power Lunches and mini field trips that we've been having. The hands-on approach has definitely helped me have a better understanding of how to succeed as an agent.

When I arrived at Go Cary this morning, Cassondra Liles from Hometown Realty was already there. She was actually scheduled to come for Power Lunch tomorrow, but I was excited that I got to meet her today since I wouldn't be able to attend tomorrow's lunch. Like many of the other successful agents that I've met during the last week, Cassy had her own system, and it worked. We also learned that she was using the same Contact Manager Software that we just started using. Being a newer program, it was reassuring to know that someone as successful as Cassy was using it too. She was able to help us out a lot with that. I wish she had been there when I was figuring out the 'bulk edit' feature. It would have saved me a lot of time and guesswork. I'm really glad that she came to Go this morning. I'm definitely going to use what I learned from her today to my own systems into place.

Today we also had the privilege of meeting Karen Roberts of Fonville Morisey. She had been in the business for about 18 years with the same company! I picked up pretty quickly that Karen is big on self accountability and building trust with client relationships. I couldn't agree more. It's a pretty big deal that the someone is trusting you with their biggest investment. She finds it really rewarding when that trust is established. I think I'm going to enjoy that part of the job a lot too.

Although all the Agents I've met so far have had different approaches in achieving their goals, they basically have all had the same advice for me. I need to love what I do, have self accountability and have my systems in place from day one. Surely this is going to take a lot of man hours, but I'm definitely ready for it.

- Nam