Opening Doors...GO JILL GO!!!

We went on a GREAT Real Estate Field trip this week. We wandered through a older downtown Raleigh neighborhood. Looking for the familiar GO REALTY sign. Once we pulled into the driveway we wondered what was behind the door...

Getting through the front door was the challenge for us rookies...The lock box combo. Hmmmnnn been since 1993 since I fumbled with a combination lock on a locker...Pop the key out because opening a combo lock is like riding a bike. Spin to the right back around and stop on the last number. Key in hand but why won't this key unlock the door??? Finally a bit of wiggle and tugging the door is pushed open.

What is behind the door? History, plaster, family, hope, renovations, hardwoods, closets, built-in shelves, a cute tiny kitchen, a narrow stairwell to the workshop...
So many things are behind the door of every home. I lost myself a bit wandering around. Listening to the history and wondering if the walls could talk what would they say about the past 60 years...How many thousands of times did that door open for opportunities? We are on a field trip after all, so we got explore this home from top to bottom. Try to remember to hold the key to get out of the basement to see the back yard. We have to also remember to lock the doors back up and to tuck the key back in the box.

Off we GO...Hop in the car and wind through the same neighborhood to see another listing. This one built in the same generation as the first. About the same square footage and about the same asking price as well. Another lock box...Another door...Another opportunity...We enter into another home that is full of stories and life. The home has the tile work, the hardwoods, the small closets and the same old walls that have story after story to tell for the 60 years past.

Behind two doors that day there were different stories. Behind every door there is opportunity. Thank you for sharing your home with me. Please let me open wonderful doors for many years!