What a GREAT WEEK!!!

What a week this has been...I feel like we have been exposed to months and months worth of VALUABLE information and it has only been a week! A GREAT WEEK!

The week started out with a great meeting with a Power Agent! Cassondra Liles has so many brilliant tricks in a data base system that I am learning how to use. Her extensive knowledge of MoreSolds gave me a bit more confidence to continue to build my "sphere of influence!" I also LOVE the fact that she lives in Garner and loves my area of North Carolina!!!

I had the honor to meet another great agent from the Durham market. Karen Roberts spent some quality time with us talking about her career and adventures along the way. The love she has for her clients and her family is so strong you could feel it! I know that is how I am going to feel for the people that I am able to work with.

Off on another field trip we traveled. This event had a HUGE impact on me. We went to a new construction site for Homes by Dickerson. They build homes for the environmentally minded clients they serve. I LOVE IT!!!! Simple adjustments to a new home will make it so much more energy efficient. There were slight changes made to designs and they will MAKE a HUGE impact positively on our environment. What I really came away from there with, was the fact that the builders there BUILD IT RIGHT! Just insulate the home with this white insulation and it will be better for our families...The pink insulation has formaldehyde in it. For the same price and a healthier option choose the "green" option because it is RIGHT!!!! Same price too...Just for fun we left that model home with a contract to buy it!! PRETEND but so fun!!!!

A few hours of studying was in order for the gang. We used our time well and enjoyed the great company of Kendall and Candace!! Lots of time spent this week prepping for the state exam. My final hurdle in the way before beginning this new adventure for REAL!!!

Busy with preparing a pretend closing this week. I never knew there were so many documents were needed to carry this task from listing to closing! Tomorrow's the big day and I have been back and forth with the attorney's office 4 times since 6pm!!! Thank You AMY WALKER!! Ohhhh it is going to be an interesting Friday morning-see if we have it all in order...PRETEND order!! Pretend or not, I want to see the HUD, hand a set of keys and a garage door opener over to the other side. I am representing the seller!!!!!! What a great game we are playing!!!

Loved the lunch date we had with Christine Danko. Her wise words and her heart felt stories made for a great afternoon!! "JUST BE NICE" was the moral of her many of her stories. BE NICE!!! Memorable and so genuine!!!!

One more way to help me out is going to happen Monday! Please get on Face Book and write on Go Realty's wall...BLOW IT UP WITH..."I want Jill to sell my house." or "I want Jill to help me find a house to buy!" Even if you live in Maine!!! I get points for every one that states that!! I will remind you all 8 more times. Oh, and you NEED to know that...I would be honored to help you buy or sell a home once I am a licensed agent...SOON!!!

We had some more filming this week... Well, it isn't a Reality Show unless someone cries, Right? Well, I was teary today. This experience has been unbelievable for me and my family. I just cannot articulate the words "THANK YOU" in the correct ways yet. But I did have tears that are really full of every emotion! I have a new career...How do you thank someone for that opportunity? I have new friends that add to a wonderful collection I already have. I have a new way to help families and friends of mine. I have been given something that is going to change my life and my family's life. Yup, I had the reality show tears!!! I am so thankful!