Season I - In Review

Didn't catch the final episodes of Season I?  No worries, neither did we.  Bottom line...Jill Booth edged out Nam Pham to win the $10k top prize.  Nam walked away with $5k.  Both Jill & Nam are now veteran agents at Go Realty...listing and selling like crazy!

We learned a few things from Season 1

  1. The licensing process is a pain in the ass.  We completely underestimated the anxiety, energy, and time it would take to work through classes and the state exam.  Jill & Nam pulled it off, but wow, what a battle. 
  2. 10 Minute Episodes are too LONG.  There is a reason why we never edited and published the last two episodes...we were worn out.  And 10 minutes turned out to be too long to hold people's attention.  
  3. The Judging Sequence was cheesy.  Yes, that was artificial crowd noise!  Did it look scripted? That's because it was.  Boring!  Sorry for dragging you through that.  
  4. Igniting Jill & Nam's network was successful!  Jill & Nam have gotten off to a fantastic start in real estate, and a big part of the reason is the Show.  Their networks were primed, ready to help them, mobilized.  There was no doubt that they were now in real estate and ready to help.  
With these lessons in mind, Kevin, Zach, and I have mapped out Season II...School's Out!  Kevin already has the Casting Call page of this blog updated, check it out.  The application is also live now, see link at the right.  And check back here for more we figure them out!