So You Want to Know About the Teams?

This season the game spins in a whole new direction.  Each cast member will enjoy the support of four Go Realty agents in their quest to win the $5,000 prize.  Go Realty agents have been vigorously tested and field certified to stake their claim to one of these highly competitive positions.  In fact, they are competing for their own team prize money.   We're ready to share the team announcements with you today.  Next week, find out which team supports each cast member when we introduce them to you in video format right here and on our the Go Realty Facebook page. 

The Purple Team
Christine Danko
Jill Booth
Scot Aubinoe
Tammy Orebaugh

The Green Team
Dona Aguayo
Maria Noble
Pat Radack
Stacie Dye

The Light Blue Team
Brenna Rouse
Lindsay Alteri
Nam Pham
Zach Schabot

The Dark Blue Team
Brandon White
Jenn Cole
Kari Hagan
Robyn Herndon