They're Here!

Today, we introduced Kriselie, Karen, Stacy, and Steve to the members of our firm.  One's from the Go Holly Springs office, another from Go Durham, and two from the squad at Go Cary.  They have diverse backgrounds and experience levels.  One just passed her real estate license exam in like the last twenty minutes (really).  One used to own a board game store.  Another cast member used to be the PODS girl, and one was a programmer with IBM.   They range in experience from a few weeks to five years.  What they have in common is that we believe they will all be great additions to Go Realty.  

Please follow along the next few days to read their bios and get your first encounter with them on video next week. We have their first week of activities lined up, and boy, are they going to need your online support to get it all done.  Game's on, Monday morning, October 1st at 9:00 a.m. 

Season 2 of the Go Reality Show is about to roll!