Associate This!

On Thursday night the cast did something a little different.  They broke into the Association.  In this case the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors.  RRAR held a social event for its membership, with several hundred agents in attendance.  During the evening the cast interacted with the President of RRAR, the President Elect, the Chairman of the RRAR Foundation, and several members of the Leadership Academy.  

They received sound advice on career development from leading agents and met the General Sales Manager for the State's largest real estate company.  We were proud to see the cast share their Show experience with everyone they met.  

After an evening of schmoozing, Steve, Kriselie, Stacy, and Karen are back in session on Friday morning to learn about listing blogs and finish the week strong with their contact activities.  What's next?  We'll share with you the outcomes of this week's real estate questions and answers on Facebook and how the cast graded out on their responses.  
We are midway through season 2; thanks for staying tuned!