Every Vote Counts

The Go Reality Show ratings continue to astound everyone.  Nielsen ratings reveal that episode 3 beat out the combined viewership of all the networks carrying the recent Johnston County Dog Catcher Candidates Debate.  Steve Colbert said that episode 3 left him "on the edge of his seat." 

What was the outcome of last week's online voting?  In their final opportunity to gain points from our Internet audience, the cast went to work generating posts on the Go Realty Facebook page.  Every post that read "I want to buy or sell my home with _______" created rankings for the crew.  Kriselie and her throng of followers racked up the top score.  A single vote made the difference in the finish between Stacy (2nd) and Karen, while Steve finished the evening in fourth place.   Two days later on Friday afternoon, Steve completed his second buyer agency agreement of the Show just beating the 5 p.m. deadline.  

The cast filmed their content for the season finale in the last few days.  They are all under strict confidentiality contracts about the results. It would probably take at least a lunch bribe to get the details out of them.   

We're in post production for the final episode this weekend.  Tune in Monday night to watch the journal videos of the cast members as they share their lessons from the entire season.  Tuesday night, Oct. 30th,  the final Episode of Season 2 airs on the Go Realty Facebook page.  We'll announce the winner of Season 2 on Wed, Nov. 7th.  Thanks for staying tuned!