Parting Shots

When a major chapter in life concludes, its really valuable to take time to reflect.  Last week the cast finished season 2.  We want to thank them from the intensity of their effort throughout October, the tremendous impact they made with their networks, and their flexibility in working with the entirely unreasonable schedule we set for this project. We tend to do that.  Despite the obstacles, they performed with grace, impact, and flair.  Just the kind of people we love to have on the team.  They have earned their spots, and we look forward to them getting their official Go tattoo ;) 

Tuesday night, October 30th, look for the Season Finale on our Facebook page.  The crazy editing staff at Go Productions will be up late tonight working out the details (Thank you, Jim Garman). 

So back to that reflection stuff.  As a final assignment, we asked each cast member to create a video with their insights from the season.  Here's what they had to say, and one of them is already set for Halloween festivities:

Karen Coe 

Steve Nicewarner

Kriselie Monserrate

Stacy Danzey