The cast is pushing hard all the way to the finish line.  Now that Karen has her support back home, her energy is up a notch in the final 10 days of the Show. She's piling up great leads.  Stacy earned an edge in the last week's video competition.  She's so energetic that she put in 19 miles of running over the weekend in a fund raiser; that's definitely covering the distance.  Meanwhile, Kriselie maintained her lead as the front runner - solid performance on her videos, great in her daily contacts, and documenting a new client.  Steve climbed into second place, executing his strategy to gain big points by signing new clients.  Last week he picked up a new buyer client, and this week he took two listings.  We are cheering on the incredible performances of the whole crew.  This is our last scoring update before we announce the winner.  Next week's post will include the results of the final daily's and the big tally from last night's online voting.  Here's the current score:

Kriselie:      357
Steve:         283
Stacy:         267
Karen:        248