Scoring Update!

What's a reality show without a little controversy?  Yesterday we announced the current scoring totals to our team within the cozy confines of Go Realty.  Following an audit by Earnest and Older, missing points were discovered.  No hanging chads, no cash envelopes, and no "funny" pictures were used to make this adjustment.  We just "misremembered" one of the cast members' count on attendance at last Friday's Happy Hour.  (By the way that was the best Happy Hour ever; at least until the next one.)  

Last week, we split the Tweet points between Kriselie, Steve, and Stacy, 2 each.  They all were prolific, insightful, and no one clearly pulled ahead. Karen, we are proud of you for getting your account launched in the midst of a traveling spouse, taking two mandatory professional courses, and oh yeah, launching Season 2. Whew!

Kriselie crushed it on the videos - each day her performance was a bit more dazzling on this activity.  Steve gave us several personal updates with his video channel, and Stacy put together one heck of a Happy Hour review video.  Clear cut, on this one: 3 points to Kriselie.  

Last the blog post of the week - congrats, Steve.  3 points for his blog introducing us to Atomic Empire, a specialty store in Durham. Steve showed big smarts tapping into the business community, expanding his network, and reaching a large audience of potential new fans.  Ripple effect, anyone? . Well played, Super Steve - not too mention those crazy campaign buttons of yours. 

With a little drama behind us, here's the latest in scoring on the fabulous cast members: 

Kriselie   109 points
Stacy       107 points
Karen        95 points
Steve         88 points

Rumor has it that more than one contestant is closing in on big points with transaction paperwork ( a listing, buyer agency agreement, or pending sale).  Yep, that activity could single handedly be a game changer. On top of that, the entire cast is hustling to post answers to last night's questions posted on Facebook.  A brilliant panel of judges will evaluate their answers for scoring soon after.  Stay tuned for what drama unfolds next on the Season 2 of the Go Reality Show!