This Just In ... Scoring Update

Holy cow have these cast members been busy!  So busy it has even been hard for us to get a post out this week to update you.  With 10 days left in Season 2, all kinds of drama be bustin' loose.  Our videographer/director/producer came down with a fever.  Kriselie celebrated her birthday with Manuelvis.  Karen stayed up all night building a mouse trap car with her daughter.  Steve interviewed an attorney ... what?  And Stacy made a trip to the emergency room.  Ordinary stuff from the everyday lives of real estate agents, right?  We all got drama.  The key is to keep moving forward.  

This cast really knows how to move forward, as in mash the accelerator.  After some fabulous online Q&A on Facebook, our cast members got some juice for their scoring efforts.  Kriselie won that contest by a hair over Super Steve (we love those video answers, Steve).  Stacy took third, and Karen finished fourth in the Q&A contest.   

Talk about blowing it up on Facebook!  The cast led Go Realty to cross the Alps of Likes, leading us to the high altitude of 4,067 Likes.  They totaled 400 new friends for us with additional connections built by their teammates from the three Goplexes.  Congrats to Kriselie for her second win of week 2, followed by a huge crowd of tennis-loving fans in Team Karen's camp.  Stacy took third in the Facebook Challenge.  In fourth, Steve did brilliant work in generating  91 new likes from an online audience that is a bit conservative about mass appeal campaigns. That's how they roll. 

Just this afternoon, Stacy became the first cast member to generate big points with the ultimate score: a client contract!  Rumor has it that two other cast members are extremely close to getting agency agreements as well.  These are heavily weighted activities that are literal game changers in the Show.  Word is getting out they they are all real estate rock stars. 

So how do they all stack up?  On Thursday afternoon in Week 3, here's the point total: 

Kriselie:    253
Stacy:       209
Karen:      190
Steve:       175

Look for a special episode out by next Monday, and be sure to keep cheering on your favorite cast member in the Go Reality Show.  Stay classsy!