Week 1 Voting Results Are In!

That was an impressive opening night performance from our cast.  We had almost 500 votes cast on the GoRealty Facebook Page from 7 pm last night to 8 a.m. this morning.  Amazing participation!  

Congratulations to Stacy Danzey for her week 1 win in the online voting component.  Here's how the group finished up: 

1st   Stacy Danzey
2nd  Kriselie Monserrate
3rd   Steve Nicewarner
4th   Karen Coe

Each member scored points toward their total in the game.  We'll have an update on their personal scoring later this week.  Tune in to the Go Reality Show web site again tomorrow night to learn the scoring from the first week Team component judged by three very special guests from outside our company.  In the mean time, keep cheering your favorite member of the cast as they move forward in building incredible real estate careers.