What A Finish!

Our cast members hit the finish exhausted and drained.  We so appreciate all their efforts during the Go Reality Show, Season 2.  It was an amazing experience for them and we celebrated their accomplishments this past Tuesday at the EPIC Go Show.  Two highlights for me as I review this season's experience. 

One, each of the cast members finished the Show with valuable, quality leads for business.  After all the  marketing shenanigans, the fundamental objective is to help agents build their business for the immediate future.  I was amazed when our fourth place finisher arrived at her first coaching session after the show and told me: "I've got four buyer leads. What do I do now?"  Yep, I kind of love that. 

Two, when we announced the winners at our team meeting, our other agents threw roses at them.  The engagement and mutual support that occurred over the month was very special.  Small people complain and grumble about the details of an experience like this one, but people who get it, throw roses.  "Throwing roses" may become a whole new expression around here at Go. 

We had a real battle for position between the 2nd and 4th place finishers, a very tight race.  Our champion for the season pulled well out front in several categories.  All of them did amazing, super-powered activities.  Congrats to all.

1st Place:      Krisele Monseratte
2nd Place:    Steve Nicewarner
3rd Place:     Stacy Danzey
4th Place:     Karen Coe

The real work begins now.  Audience, we love you!  Thank you for following this season, encouraging your favorite player, and participating in all our votes.