2 years ago...

It's hard to believe...it has been two years since we first hatched this crazy idea.  Big thanks to our fearless leader, Kevin Woody, and our host, Zach Schabot for making this crazy dream possible.  And a huge thank you to the contestants from our first two seasons!

Curious about where they are now?

Jill Booth (Season 1) is now the #2 agent in our company...she will do over $7mm of business this year!

Nam Pham (Season 1) is hitting his stride and making it happen.  He is on target to do $3mm in 2013.

Karen Coe is killing it in her first year of real estate...she has already sold $3.5mm in her first 8 months...that girl is on fire!

More updates and details about season 3...stay tuned!