Go Reality Show meet GoConnect

Go Reality Show fans - we are at it again!  (no, not another reality show)

We have another crazy idea and we think you'll be excited about this one too.  We are designing an iPhone app called GoConnect.  Since dreaming up the Go Reality Show, we have been hell bent on finding more creative ways to help our agents succeed.  We turned to the most basic of places - the real estate transaction.  We have designed a checklist app for real estate agents to handle all the tasks associated with getting homes from contract to closing.  Handling these items smoothly is one of the major keys to an agent's success.  It leads to happier clients and a more efficient business.

But this time, we didn't stop with our own agents.  We have over 1000 agents from 47 states waiting to test the first version of GoConnect.  We are sharing it with the world because once again, we think there has to be a better way. 

We just don't have a catchy theme song yet....