Casting Call

Interested in Season 3? 

We are looking for 4 contestants who want to transform their real estate business.  If you love the work but think you are not achieving your potential, then you might be right for Season 3.  

File your application with our online survey, click here to get going
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Is This You? 
  • You have a North Carolina Real Estate License and you're not afraid to use it
  • Really don't want to work in any other field
  • A bit bored or frustrated with your current situation
  • You have sales history or you can con us into taking you without any
  • You own an Android phone, but you know you want that iPhone 5
  • With the right leadership, you're ready to take massive action to build your business
  • Bad attitude is just not part of your day
  • Believe in change ... daily. Seriously, you're gonna have to be way flexible.
  • You're on Facebook and you think you can get a hold of your Twitter password
  • You're willing to blow up your October calendar
Season 2 begins October 1st and runs through October 26th, 2012. Selected applicants will have film sessions the last week of September.

We are open for season 3 applications from Aug. 10th through Sept.10th, 2012. We'll announce the contestants on Sept. 12 or the day after if we sleep too late that Monday.

What to Expect?

Every business day in October you will be creating the show. You'll start most days at Go Cary for the Daily Download. This is an opportunity to work with three passionate and experienced trainers. Karen, Michelle, and Kevin will lead you through sessions designed to build your business quickly. Jim will throw in the high level vision and creative components that have come to define the imaginative approach of Go Realty. You'll even enjoy special guest appearances at the daily download from our experienced agents.

Following the Daily Download, you're off to work on building your business. You'll have a work book to direct, guide, and record your activities. For group support, you will work with 4 Go Realty agents to create your very own team. Your success is tied together - they will be working toward their own reward opportunities as members of your team. You'll be fired up and much more likely to succeed working with their support and encouragement.

Think big! Reaching several hundred people, getting listing appointments lined up, and finding qualified buyers to see homes with you is what this ultimately all about.